The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Two


My good feeling about this dig seems to be coming true – how lucky I am that I was able to come here after all! After a wonderful night’s sleep beneath the stars, I decided to start today by examining the large statues at the city’s entrance. Given how very well-preserved they are, I thought the carvings might give me an insight into the people who built this place, and thus lead me on to greater secrets others have not yet found. Nothing there to be found, sadly, other than the decorations previously reported and so elegantly written up by Charteris and Templar a few years ago.

However, there were carvings aplenty on the nearby pillars that did reward further study. Tales of old gods, the Seeker of Dreams and the Queen of Cats, and a reference to “Lands of Fruit flowing with New Streams” that I can only imagine must relate to a kind of paradise myth. But this was not just a treasure of new knowledge, although if my translations are correct there is a distinct chance that I may have found something to add to the small body of knowledge about the lost city. No, as I followed the carvings I was rewarded twofold – first with a magnificent view from on high of the complex towards the Great and Lesser Pyramids, and then with a small artefact for my collection. A truly splendid bonus to my day’s work!

But now it is once more time to sleep. There is yet so much more to do, and enthusiasm alone will not sustain me. Thank goodness for the supplies that Mrs Miggins packed so carefully for me, since good food and plenty of sleep are the secret of a successful expedition!


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