Last Chance to Grab … all the Goodies of SL9B!

Today is the last day of the Second Life Ninth Birthday … and so it’s your last chance to come and see all the fantastic builds that have been created!

It’s also your last chance to grab the wonderful presents and information that the exhibitors have been donating – and to take part in the Cake Hat hunt and the Egyptian Hunt too!

Party Cats (KittyCatS at SL9B)

Party Cats (KittyCatS at SL9B)

Don’t miss the beautiful Birthday Cat created by KittyCatS!  KittyCatS have not only sponsored two sims (and provided a very fun exhibit with KittyCatS having their own party) – they also created a very special birthday cat too.  You can see a large version in the special jigsaw below … the real one is perched, still a kitten, on my shoulder.

KittyCatS at SL9B (the usual size is the one on my shoulder!)

KittyCatS at SL9B (the usual size is the one on my shoulder!)

There is also the very cute Birthday Bear, created by Sway Dench.

Birthday Bear, created by Sway Dench

Birthday Bear, created by Sway Dench

You’ll find kiosks for both the Birthday KittyCat and the Birthday Bear in the Welcome Area (as well as other locations).

And you’ll find that other exhibitors have put out goodies for you to collect all over!

Last chance to search for hidden treasure in Egypt!

And don’t miss the Egyptian Hunt – seven days of posts lead to seven very special prizes buried in the desert sands of Shindig and Partytime. You’ll find the posts here:
The Egyptian Hunt – Clue One

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Two

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Three

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Four

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Five

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Six

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Seven

While you’ll find an amazing amount of loot around the different stands, offered by our amazing exhibitors, there’s also a really valuable gift on offer that you really should grab while you can – knowledge.

Many of the exhibitors have notecards that tell you more about themselves and their work … some provide wider links to their communities. An outstanding one here is Crap Mariner’s exhibit which has links to a huge number of writing groups and literary projects in Second Life.  Do go and grab as many as you can … before Crap blows the whole thing up!

Crap Mariner's Wealth of Literary Links

Crap Mariner’s Wealth of Literary Links

It’s the last day … the last chance.  Remember – to enjoy the birthday … you had to be there.

Last chance.


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One response to “Last Chance to Grab … all the Goodies of SL9B!

  1. isfullofcrap

    One of my favorite Muppets was Dirty Harry.

    “Kaboom? Did somebody say Kaboom?”

    (My favorite was Lew Zealand, but how do you blow up a build with boomerang fish?)


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