Take the Linden Lab Survey on SL9B

Linden Lab are running a survey on the SL9B celebrations.

You’ll find it here:  http://bit.ly/N56GWZ– do go and fill it in!

Some of the questions do seem to reference the SL9B 20-sim Community Event, but many of them can be applied to other events if you want to comment on those (it might be worth specifying which event you are referring to in the comments!).

Don’t forget to fill out our own feedback form!


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2 responses to “Take the Linden Lab Survey on SL9B

  1. The feedback in the WordPress form, whether positive or negative, has been great. I’ve stuck a few items in the group’s ideas list from there. However, be sure to include your actual avatar name and/or email in that form, because if neither is valid, the team won’t be able to follow up with any questions.


  2. melanie

    I told them why they take that survey as they didnt do a damm thing for SL9B!

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