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Exhibitor Applications are Closing

This is your final chance to apply for a spot as an exhibitor for this SL9B event. We are closing applications at midnight June 3, SLT!  This guy has some more to say on the matter:


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A Quick Photo Tour…

I thought I’d surface quickly to take some photos of the sims – just to prove that things are underway and that we haven’t been just sitting around sucking our thumbs (well, most of us…). So in no particular order and without any names mentioned, I present:

Also, for all you patient people waiting your turn to build, we’ve started today  assessing your applications. Acceptances might not go out till close to the 3rd though, so keep an eye out. If we need any more information from you we will be in touch. If you haven’t applied, or know someone who hasn’t applied, there is still time – we’ll be taking applications right up to the 3rd.

Yeah, we know it’s tight too, believe me…


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Sculpties and Mesh – a Clarification

There’s been a bit (a lot) of talk in the places on the net that talk about these things about how we’re not keen for people to use sculpties and mesh in their builds and how that’s going to stifle creativity, make the event look like SL 2003, create earthquake, famine, cats and dogs lying together and generally suck. So let’s have a look at what we’re actually saying here.


Your sculpt map is basically another texture that your viewer has to load. The more loading you have to do, the more you get what I call loading lag (as opposed to sim performance lag). Loading lag is the vast information that has to come to your computer via the very narrow pipe that is your internet connection.Using 234 different sculpt maps in your build is going to lag everyone that comes near it as they try to download every sculpt amp and every texture. And lets not mention data caps.

We’re not saying don’t use sculpts. Sculpts are awesome and make SL all curvy and cool. What we’re saying is think about what and why you’re using them. Don’t use a sculpt if a prim will do the job. Also, with a bit of creativity, one sculpt can serve more than one use. A fairly standard square sculpt can be a pole, a brick, a rod, a tent-peg, a paving stone, a flat panel, a wall etc etc you get the idea. Making a build is one thing, making a clever low lag build is another challenge altogether.


The above principles apply a lot to mesh too. Although mesh doesn’t use a texture, it still has to download to your viewer. There is good mesh and bad (something to do with polygons, faces, edges and dowhackadohedrons). We love mesh – it’s cool – this year we have a full mesh stage that’s looking awesome – but let’s think about how we use it. We want the good mesh.

It’s also been commented that we must be wary of mesh as we asked in the application form if builders would be using it. What do we have in mind? Well, nothing rally. that question is there partly as an unofficial survey by me to see what kind of uptake mesh has in SL (cos I’m nosey) but mainly just to see if we needed to do anything about mesh. Possibly 1/4 to 1/3rd of builders currently might have mesh in their builds as of now, so really there’s probably no reason it needs to be treated separate. It’s just nice to know. And no complaints that you can’t see mesh please. The major viewers can all see it, just update to the latest version.

Yes we know there will be lag at this event. We can’t stop that.  We CAN do our best to try to minimise it. Thinking about our builds and how to make then as lag free as possible will go a long way in helping.

oh – megaprims – for the purposes of this event, a megaprim is any oversized prim made using an exploit in SL and is not made by you. We don’t want them at the event. and since the plots are 32 x 32m and you can now make prims up to 64 x 64 we don’t see why you need them. Replace them with your own and we’re all happy.



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All The World Needs a Clown…

This guy has a few things to say, and a look in his eye that makes me think we should pay attention….


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Update and Some Info

Yes. Well……quite…..

This blog has been somewhat lacking when it comes to posts. It’s that we don’t have information to impart, but, well, we all got busy organising stuff and then someone said, “who’s blogging this?” and we all looked at each other…….

So here’s some brief info for all that are interested:

The SL9B Community Event now officially has 20 sims! Thanks to Kitty Cats, Fruit Islands and the amazing folk at DreamSeeker Estates, this SL9B will be the same size as last year (without unfortunately, the LL Bear Island 😦 ). Now we just have to fill it!

The parcels this year are all 1024m2 (thats 32m x 32m) and have 234 prims. We have 7 full sims for your exhibits as well as 2 part sims, giving around 250 to 300 available plots. As of now we’ve received 125 applications, meaning we’re more or less halfway to filling them. This is pretty cool since we’ve only had applications open for around a week! It also means that if you haven’t applied yet, there’s still room for you, but don’t wait around till the last minute as you could miss out!

Something different this year is we have 2 sims that are 100% water! One of these will have exhibit plots on it, so if you want your exhibit in water rather than on land, let us know in your application. The other water sim sees for the first time at SLB…..The Lake Stage! A stage build on (or under or both – I have no idea) the water. It’s also going to be a mostly mesh build, so we’re as interested in you as to what it will look like!  Only the builder, Kaz Aridian knows, and he’s not telling…..

Apart from the Lake stage, we have 3 other entertainment venues. One solely for DJs, one for Live performance and theatre and the Cake Stage – a dance and entertainment venue built inside our cake.  Our cake baker this year is Japanese graphic artist Mikati Slade, so we know the cake will be different this year from anything we’ve seen before!

Also new this year will be the SL9B birthday hub. LL wanted everyone to hold their own celebrations this year and we know we’re not the only celebration happening. We’re going to have an area where we display all the other events happening (not sure exactly how yet, but we’re working on it). If you’re holding an SL9B event on your land, we want to know about it so leave us a message!

We have an information group inworld – “The SLB Community” (without the “”) – it’s free to join so sign up inworld to hear announcements there before you hear them anywhere else.

What else can I say?…..oh yeah…Sleep is for the weak!!!!!!!!


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The Birthday has landed!

Well, the first birthday sims are landing now … and these are in addition to the ten sims provided by Dream Seeker Estates because we have had another six sims donated anonymously – making a total of sixteen sims!

The Birthday has landed!

The Birthday has landed!

These six sims are coming online first, and the Dream Seeker ones will be joined to them very soon.

Zeebster Colasanti, owner of Dream Seeker Estates, says:

Dream Seeker Estates is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this year’s SL9B (Second Life 9th Birthday) and support it as a major sponsor.  This year SL9B coincides with Dream Seeker Estates’ own 5th year birthday.  Over the years, Dream Seeker Estates has enjoyed strong growth thanks in no small part to the trust and support extended to us by the Second Life community.  Combining our own milestone birthday celebration this year with the SL9B event is a perfect way for us to give back and thank the community that has supported us for so long.

Head to the sponsors page to check out our sponsors!

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SL9B is Happening!


Participate in the SL9B Community Event!

It’s that time of year when we celebrate the anniversary of Second Life!

This year Linden Lab isn’t sponsoring the birthday celebrations so we thought we’d do it ourselves! We will have 10 sims of builds and stages and fun and freebies and we hope you will be part of the festivities. You can volunteer to create your own celebratory plot, Exhibitors are invited to show off their community and its special nature to others.

You might prefer to join the team of Greeters welcoming all the visitors and handing out gifts, helping find locations, mentoring any newcomers who might need extra help and making the party happen. Maybe you’d rather join the rock concert atmosphere and be a Stage Manager or you are a DJ or Live Performer and would like to share your talent from one of our stages. Others of you might be interested in Security or Public Relations or want to share your passion and knowledge hosting a discussion or presentation in our Auditorium. We’re looking for your energetic participation in all of these roles.

You are invited to signup for one or more of these areas (yes, you can volunteer for everything if you like). Please keep the following points in mind:

  • This event will run from June 18th through June 24th.
  • The sims will be rated General – so please recognize the need to keep your enthusiasm within the bounds of the Terms of Service.
  • Orientation and Training will be provided for many of the roles. Expect that some time will be required prior to the event for that purpose.
  • Make sure you have read the Event Policies before completing the forms.
  • There are four sign up forms; Volunteers (Greeters, Stage Managers, Security, Public Relations); Performers (DJ’s and Live);  Exhibitors and Auditorium Bookings. You must complete each form applicable to your interests (if you wish to participate in all the roles then you must fill out and submit each of the forms).
  • If you have any problems with the forms please send a message to

Thank you for Volunteering! We look forward to having you be part of this great event.


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