Notifications for Exhibitors Now Completed

Well we’ve now looked over each and every one of the 488 exhibitor applications we received and sent acceptance emails to all those that have been accepted.

If you received an email titled SLB Acceptance then congratulations! Join our group, ‘The SLB Community’ and ask for an EA to help you to your plot.

For those that didn’t receive an email, we’re very sorry 😦 We would have loved it if there was room for everyone, but unfortunately there just wasn’t.  Not being accepted doesn’t stop you from celebrating SL9B though. Celebrations are happening all over the grid. Start your own display on your own land and let us know – we’ll advertise it on our celebration hub for you. There’s information on that here.

A bit of info about the applications. As I said, we received 488! We absolutely did not expect that many; in fact, based on previous years, we allowed for 275 parcels.  After receiving about 400 we picked ourselves up of the floor and rearranged our layouts, adding in another 82 parcels to give us 357 total. The maths geniuses amongst you will quickly realise that that’s still not enough to accommodate everyone.

Broadly speaking, we received 2 different types of applications. The first was the art application, where SL artists create or show amazing works of art in only 257 prims. The second type of application was the community group exhibit. These are less arty and more informative, showing a huge range of communities from around SL. We think that this year we have almost the entire range of SL represented in only 20 sims.

So why didn’t we accept your application? There’s a few reasons. If your application didn’t meet the event guidelines (size, prims, PG rating etc) then we couldn’t accept it. If your application was vague, didn’t give us much to go on and didn’t give us an idea of what you wanted to build, we probably didn’t accept it. If your application read like a thinly veiled advertisement for your store or product, then we probably didn’t accept it. And if you didn’t at least make an attempt to link your application to the theme, we didn’t accept it. Lastly, there were so many applications that somebody had to miss out. It’s a sad fact, but not everyone can get in – there just isn’t space. We hope those that didn’t will still participate in the SL9B celebrations and please do try again next year.

For those that did get in, Happy Building! Remember, you have to be finished by the 16th, so get cracking!


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10 responses to “Notifications for Exhibitors Now Completed

  1. @KT

    Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and taking the challenge on.

    It’s a thankless task, compounded by the short lead-time this year, and there will be complaints and protests and expressions of disappointment from folks who were rejected, but at some point, someone has to make the decision, and y’all stepped up.

    Hopefully those folks rejected for parcels in SL9B will ponder this for SL10B:

    1) Subscribe to news feeds that will give them an early warning that there’s a celebration coming.
    2) Subscribe to the “official” resources (join group, twitter, blog)
    3) Read the requirements for the exhibitors and art builds thoroughly, understanding that this is a celebration and not an expo, fashion fair, or a shopping mall
    4) Prepare and submit their application quickly, but thoroughly.

    Hopefully, everyone who submitted and got approved were honest in their application and there won’t be any folks slipping in stuff that will violate the spirit of the celebration and attempt to exploit it for personal and financial gain.

    Looking forward to SL10B,

  2. Zinia Quan

    I am in and so pleased. Over the moon. And to all you who did not make it, I know how you feel, because I thought that way until this morning when I got the email. Your chance will come, remember, next year will be 10 year birthday………………..the BIG one!

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  4. By the way, I’ve just received a few IMs from people asking why their builds were rejected, and they proceeded to make their cases.

    Whatever the case may be, I have a suggestion to talented artists and builders who want to demonstrate their creativity, inspiration, and whimsy at an SL Birthday Celebration: don’t just sign up for a plot and hope you get in through the process. Volunteer to help build the stages and other venues at SL10B.

    Or, if things open up even bigger for SL10B based on the model that Dream Seeker, Fruit Islands, KittyCats and the rest of the sponsors did, ponder ponying up for a sponsored sim.

    It would not just showcase your talents, but it could serve everyone in a practical way.

    Hey, look at my involvement this year. I’ve been a critic, pain in the ass, a jackass, and royal jerk in years past when it comes to the SLB efforts and builds and such, slipping in all kinds of seditious and cynical concepts into my builds and thumbing my nose at the whole process.

    This time around, I saw that the staff got kicked to the curb by the Labbies, then dragged around while the Lab ran roughshod over the LEA over SL9B, too.

    And yet, these guys did not give up.

    Me, I’d have folded and walked.

    But these guys… They. Did. Not. Freaking. Give. Up. On. You.

    That impressed the hell out of me.

    Seeing some of my friends on that list dust themselves off and get busy convinced me to put up or shut up, so I put up, and I’ve been lending energy, goofy ideas, and effort as best I can (although it’s still a bit of a headache to some, oh well, right?)

    If these folks can turn me around to roll up my sleeves and lend a hand, well, give them the opportunity to get you involved, too.

    When the call goes out for builders and volunteers next year, don’t just ask for a plot… ask to help with the big stuff, too.

    Maybe you’ll end up building the spotlight instead of standing in it, but at the end of the day, what a hell of a party, right?


  5. Reblogged this on DJ Splash Kidd's Blog and commented:
    The Second Life 9th Birthday Party (“SL9B”) committee is hard at work getting ready for the mid June a party celebrating a large variety of ways people utilize this unique 3D digital world for ultimately communicating and sharing with others around the world!

  6. Apparently we didn’t get picked. Well LL just lost a resident with 3 paid accounts. I will be turning in all 4 of my SIMs back to LL and heading to another grid. Toodles.

    • I’m not going into the reasons individual applications didn’t get in on this site. However I will say it is unfair to blame LL on this one. This event is not run or sponsored by LL in any way. Myself and the leadership team were responable for choosing applications and it was an incredibly hard job. I would have loved to give everyone a spot but it’s just not possible. Selling up and leaving SL because a privately run event declined your application is of course your right but it does seem a drastic reaction.

  7. Pete R

    Of course KT how are you going to have the guts to explain anything. You may not be a linden but have behaved like one this time. Stop saying how difficult it was to choose and be real, you loved it, playing to be God is one of those pleasures people like you enjoy lots. Otherwise have the nerve and decency to answer to the rejected and tell them the real reason why there was more applications than spots to have them.

  8. Every method of sorting applications has benefits and flaws. However you do it, some people will get rejected and they’re going to feel sad about it. There are no rainbows and kittens solutions.

    What can be made more rainbowy is the stuff that hasn’t happened yet. Last year, I was near a plot who threw a couple of products out with a sign to visit their store. There wasn’t even a pretence of addressing the magic theme. So this year, I hope similar builds get kicked out in an unkittenlike way to make space for someone else. (Though even there, the person being removed will be upset and is likely to blame everyone else for it… there’s never a solution that makes everyone happy.)

  9. Tozh Taurog

    There was a mention that a list of acceptances would be published somewhere here. It would be very helpful.

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