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As we’re all aware, LL are not sponsoring this (or any) SL9B event. And we know we aren’t the only event happening to celebrate Second Life’s 9th birthday. So we thought “Let’s be the community we’re supposed to be celebrating!” To that end, we introduce the Celebration Hub. This display will sit in the welcome area of our event and will display information on other events happening around the grid. Now, we know there are lots. but we don’t know how many or who is doing them. So you tell us. If you’re running a birthday celebration event or you know someone who is, then put all the following in a notecard and drop it on Dmom2k Darwin inworld.

  • A “Poster” for your event in the form of a texture, no more than 256 x 256.This might be a photograph or a drawing. Choose an image that will make people want to learn more about your event! The texture should also include the name of the event and the date(s) and time(s)
  • A notecard with all the relevant information. The information in your notecard will be provided to those who are interested and should include a description of your event with (again) the date(s) and time(s) (start and end), the maturity rating (General, Moderate or Adult – our event is G but we will still link to yours even if yours isn’t), the slurl and anything else you wish to add to encourage visitors to attend.
  • A  landmark

Please make sure everything you send is 100% accurate. We don’t have the time to check all the urls, landmarks and spelling. And we need this information no later than June 14, or we might not have time to get it into the hub. Let’s work together to make SL9B an awesome grid-wide celebration!


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