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Last Chance to Grab … all the Goodies of SL9B!

Today is the last day of the Second Life Ninth Birthday … and so it’s your last chance to come and see all the fantastic builds that have been created!

It’s also your last chance to grab the wonderful presents and information that the exhibitors have been donating – and to take part in the Cake Hat hunt and the Egyptian Hunt too!

Party Cats (KittyCatS at SL9B)

Party Cats (KittyCatS at SL9B)

Don’t miss the beautiful Birthday Cat created by KittyCatS!  KittyCatS have not only sponsored two sims (and provided a very fun exhibit with KittyCatS having their own party) – they also created a very special birthday cat too.  You can see a large version in the special jigsaw below … the real one is perched, still a kitten, on my shoulder.

KittyCatS at SL9B (the usual size is the one on my shoulder!)

KittyCatS at SL9B (the usual size is the one on my shoulder!)

There is also the very cute Birthday Bear, created by Sway Dench.

Birthday Bear, created by Sway Dench

Birthday Bear, created by Sway Dench

You’ll find kiosks for both the Birthday KittyCat and the Birthday Bear in the Welcome Area (as well as other locations).

And you’ll find that other exhibitors have put out goodies for you to collect all over!

Last chance to search for hidden treasure in Egypt!

And don’t miss the Egyptian Hunt – seven days of posts lead to seven very special prizes buried in the desert sands of Shindig and Partytime. You’ll find the posts here:
The Egyptian Hunt – Clue One

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Two

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Three

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Four

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Five

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Six

The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Seven

While you’ll find an amazing amount of loot around the different stands, offered by our amazing exhibitors, there’s also a really valuable gift on offer that you really should grab while you can – knowledge.

Many of the exhibitors have notecards that tell you more about themselves and their work … some provide wider links to their communities. An outstanding one here is Crap Mariner’s exhibit which has links to a huge number of writing groups and literary projects in Second Life.  Do go and grab as many as you can … before Crap blows the whole thing up!

Crap Mariner's Wealth of Literary Links

Crap Mariner’s Wealth of Literary Links

It’s the last day … the last chance.  Remember – to enjoy the birthday … you had to be there.

Last chance.


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SL9B Community Celebration – Pictures of the Day: Final Day of Events

Here’s a selection of pictures of SL9B which is today holding the final full day of celebrations.  The sims will remain open for another three days for people to visit and enjoy … it will close on June 27th at 11.59pm slt and then it will all be gone – so visit while you can.

Once again, links given when supplied by photographers!

First of all, a taste of the amazing parties at the DJ stage aka the Egyptian stage on Shindig, photographed by Kagemaru McMahon.

SL9B Shinobics with DJ obi Galli

SL9B Shinobics with DJ obi Galli, photographed by Kagemaru McMahon

A lovely atomspheric view of the Cake Stage by KT Syakuni:

The Cake Stage, photograph by KT Syakumi

The Cake Stage, photograph by KT Syakumi

Daniel Voyager has some great pictures of people partying – including this view of the Lake Stage:

Partying at the Lake Stage, photograph by Daniel Voyager

Partying at the Lake Stage, photograph by Daniel Voyager

Briarmelle Quintessa stopped by at Prim Perfect tearooms to pick up the cute cookie bears made by Sway – and her friend Chywe stopped by to say hi & also pick up the adorable bears!

Collecting Birthday Bears, photographed by Briarmelle Quintessa

Collecting Birthday Bears, photographed by Briarmelle Quintessa

Here’s an exuberant view of Hoedown by Tamzin Xigalia:

Celebrating the Birthday! Photograph by Tamzin Xigalia

Celebrating the Birthday! Photograph by Tamzin Xigalia

This is a lovely view of one of the Dream Seeker Estate builds, taken by Crap Mariner. Dream Seeker Estates are one of the main sponsors of SL9B, having donated ten estates for the celebrations.

Dream Seeker Estates at SL9B, photograph by Crap Mariner

Dream Seeker Estates at SL9B, photograph by Crap Mariner

Hilde Gynoid has taken some lovely photographs of the Lotus Train (the train on the viaduct by the Lotus stage, but she has taken the opportunity to explore inside the train too!

Inside the Lotus Train 1, photograph by Hilde Gynoid

Inside the Lotus Train 1, photograph by Hilde Gynoid

And another image:

Inside the Lotus Train 2

Inside the Lotus Train 2, photograph by Hilde Gynoid

To submit your picture as a possible picture of the day, join the Flickr group SL9B Community Celebration and send your picture in!


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Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS: Benefit Day at SL9B

Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS at SL9B

Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS at SL9B

Today is a very special day at SL9B – because we are holding our first charitable benefit this year.

Dream Seeker Estates had designated June as the month they would support the charity Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS well before they came on board as sponsors of SL9B. We decided that in return for their support, we would have a day of fundraising for their chosen charity.

So today you will find special donation jars at the the stages, the auditorium AND the Welcome Area.  Please give generously, to show your support of this important cause – and to show how support for such initiatives is, for Second Life residents, every bit as important as celebrating the Birthday.

About BC/EFA…
Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS is one of the nation’s leading industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organizations. By drawing upon the talents, resources and generosity of the American theatre community, since 1988 BC/EFA has raised over $195 million for essential services for people with AIDS and other critical illnesses across the United States.

BC/EFA is the major supporter of seven programs at The Actors Fund, including The HIV/AIDS Initiative, The Phyllis Newman Women’s Health Initiative, The Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic, The Actors Fund Work Program, The Dancers’ Resource, The Stage Managers’ Project and three supportive housing residences.

BC/EFA also awards annual grants to more than 400 AIDS and family service organizations nationwide.


Equity Fights AIDS was founded in October 1987 by the Council of Actors’ Equity Association. Money raised through the efforts of Equity theatre companies across the country was specifically earmarked for The Actors Fund’s AIDS Initiative.

Broadway Cares was founded in February 1988 by members of The Producers’ Group. Money raised was earmarked to be awarded to AIDS service organizations nationwide, including Equity Fights AIDS.

In May 1992, Equity Fights AIDS and Broadway Cares merged to become Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. The Board of Trustees of this newly established not-for-profit fundraising organization assumed the missions of the previously separate organizations and continues to fund the social service work of The Actors Fund and to award grants three times a year to AIDS service organizations nationwide.

Unlike most other nonprofit, grant-making organizations, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS must raise every single dollar of our philanthropic budget every year in order to fulfill our mission. In turn, BC/EFA works hard to ensure that the money we raise is spent carefully and wisely on programs where these hard-earned funds can have the maximum possible impact.

For more information go to:

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Special Days at SL9B: Mesh and the AIDS Benefit

We are planning on trying some new things at SL9B – and one of those is to have two “themed” days.

The first is to hold a Mesh Day – highlighting Mesh creations, and looking at its impact on the grid.  The Mesh Day will be Wednesday 20th June, and we are looking for people who would like to be a part of this.

There are three categories that we are envisaging:

1) Featuring exhibits at the Birthday that have mesh elements (or are pretty largely or even entirely mesh).
Remember that we asked on the application for is you were proposing to use mesh? And that people started yelling that the sky was falling in and SL9B wanted to ban mesh? As KT explained then, we most certainly didn’t!  And now we will put together a directory of mesh builds for people to look at and see what mesh can do … on Mesh Day.

2) Taking part in mesh fashion events
We will be organising a series of fashion showcases to highlight the work of designers working in mesh (again an innovation for the Birthday!).  If you are a fashion designer and interested in taking part – we want to hear from you!

3) Taking part in discussions about mesh
If you want to stage a mesh presentation, or be part of a panel talking about building in mesh or the possibilities that mesh offers, there will be an opportunity to do this too on Mesh Day.

To register your interest, complete the form here by June 9th.

The second is our AIDS Benefit Day, to be held on Friday 22nd June.
Long before Dream Seeker Estates were asked if they could sponsor sims for SL9B, they were planning to spend the month of June on a special AIDS Benefit campaign in support of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. When they became involved in SL9B, we suggested that we could do something to help them by having a special benefit day for the charity they are supporting.

Let us know if you would be interested in

1) Holding an event

2) Giving a presentation

3) Taking part in a discussion about AIDS

If you would like to participate, please fill in the form here by 9th June.

If you have any ideas for other ways in which we can mark these days, do let us know in the comments to this post!


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The Birthday has landed!

Well, the first birthday sims are landing now … and these are in addition to the ten sims provided by Dream Seeker Estates because we have had another six sims donated anonymously – making a total of sixteen sims!

The Birthday has landed!

The Birthday has landed!

These six sims are coming online first, and the Dream Seeker ones will be joined to them very soon.

Zeebster Colasanti, owner of Dream Seeker Estates, says:

Dream Seeker Estates is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this year’s SL9B (Second Life 9th Birthday) and support it as a major sponsor.  This year SL9B coincides with Dream Seeker Estates’ own 5th year birthday.  Over the years, Dream Seeker Estates has enjoyed strong growth thanks in no small part to the trust and support extended to us by the Second Life community.  Combining our own milestone birthday celebration this year with the SL9B event is a perfect way for us to give back and thank the community that has supported us for so long.

Head to the sponsors page to check out our sponsors!

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