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Loki Eliot goes to SL9B

Go watch it. Now.

If you’ve made videos of SL9B builds and events and want to share them, put the links in the comments of this post.

(Especially any videos you make while blowing up your builds today.)


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How to have fun removing your build on Thursday…

So, when Thursday rolls around, most of you are going to teleport to your SL9B parcel, pick up your build item but item, and then teleport out.

That’s very thoughtful of you, but there’s another way to do it…

1) Pick up your entire build
2) Take a Copy of it for safekeeping
3) Raise it 100 meters off the ground
4) Delink all the prims
5) Set the prims to physical
6) Set the prims to temporary
7) Let go!

That’s right. It’s raining prims. Hallelujah.

Here’s an old video of my Podcaster build from SL5B:

I imagine the people on the ground, standing there, with a “YIPE!” sign in one hand and a dinky Wiley Coyote umbrella in the other.

Now, please, don’t pull this stunt until Thursday, okay? There’s still people wandering the sims in this glorious less-laggy environment, snapping photos and gathering up all the gifties and such you’ve generously offered.

But when it’s Thursday, oh man… fire up Fraps and LET ER RIP!

(And then post the videos to YouTube for all to enjoy.)

R. Crap Mariner
SL9B Exhibitor Assistant and Staff Troll


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Let them know how much you liked their build!

Howdy, folks.

Once the torrent of last-minute requests for parcel name, description, landing point, and music stream changes finally let up, I made it my goal to wander through every exhibit at SL9B to see what y’all are sharing about yourselves and your communities with everyone out there.

And when people ask me for the SLURL or landmark of my own build, I’ve refused to give it out, saying “Go explore them all, and you’ll eventually come across mine.”

In my travels, I’ve been tossing a lot of my snapshots up to the SL9B Flickr Group, but there’s plenty more Second Life groups you can add your Flickr shots to. (Even an Official Second Life one the Lab uses for gathering snapshots of the day and other marketing material… read their terms first, okay?)

You can also post your travels to your mySL social feed, Google Plus, Facebook… whatever social network you’re a part of that you use to connect with your SL friends when the lag takes its toll.

But most importantly, when you come across a build that drops your jaw and leaves you speechless, let that exhibitor know how much you liked their build and appreciated their freebie gifts.

For instance, I came across this cave on Neun just now:

Magical Meeroo Cave at SL9B

I right-clicked the cave, brought up the profile of the builder, and messaged them about how much I enjoyed the build.

Been doing that all this past week, and I think those exhibitors appreciated someone taking the time to let ’em know it’s appreciated.

Because this past week, yeah, I’ve appreciated it when folks have been posting in the group chats “Well done, guys!” and “This is great!” and WOW! (I assume that last one is not a suggestion for people to log off and go to World Of Warcraft, right?)

Now, I know that there’s been a few bumps in the road to SL9B, and the way hasn’t been perfect for everyone, so in the next few days, we’ll be posting a way to let us know what we did right, what could have been done better, what ideas you have for future events, and if you’d like to toss your hat in the ring for helping get things running even better next year.

Stay tuned, but until then… keep exploring and enjoying the wonder and magic that happens when we come together to share our passions with each other!

Happy birthday, Second Life!

R. Crap Mariner
SL9B Exhibitor Assistant and Troll


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COMING SOON: Performer Schedules

It’s taken me few hours, but I’ve turned the individual stage spreadsheets into a single datatable, and this will feed a Google Calendar, which will in turn feed this blog as well as in-world display units.

It’s going to take a bit more work, but all this should be up on the site and out on the sims in an hour or two.

I apologize for how long it’s taken to get this out to y’all.

As Abraham Lincoln once said: “If given six hours to cut down a tree, I will spend four hours sharpening the axe.”

UPDATE: Looks like the data’s importing!

UPDATE 2: And now it’s talking to one of Codie’s SuperBoards (For sale on Rouge)

sl9b schedule board - using codie's cogboard

I’ll get these puppies out into the wild tonight.


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Music Streams, Parcel Names

Greetings, everyone!

Now that the first wave of parcel claims has washed over the shores of the SL9B sims and the Exhibitor Assistants have collapsed from exhaustion getting y’all settled in, it’s time to kick them in the ribs and get them back to work!

If you need to have your parcel name, parcel description, snapshot, sound stream, or media stream set, or a landradio/videoscreen deeded to the lad to let you set the streams, please ask for an EA in the Exhibitor channel.

Once they IM you to confirm they’re available, offer them a TP to quickly get them to your location, and they can set those up for you. (Please do not offer an unsolicited TP to an EA. They may be busy helping someone else, or may end up merging with a fly and vomiting acid-puke all over the place. HELP ME! HELP ME!)

If you’re at a loss for which music stream to use, there are lists available on The Second Life Wiki and Squidoo.

One of my favorites is IndieSpectrum Radio, which plays tunes from a large number of Second Life musical performers.

Which is your favorite stream? Put it in the comments for all to see and hear.

R. Crap Mariner


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Some thoughts on Content Na- um, er… I mean Build Moderators

And now, a post on a subject that some folks won’t like: SL9B build moderators.

(Okay, okay… I’ll wait until the booing and hissing stops… and… alright…)

The primary purpose of a build moderator is to help make this SL9B celebration the best and most enjoyable for as many as possible without the content violating any of the Linden Lab terms of service or cause any disruptions or problems to those enjoying it.

The build rules and event policies were put in place to help folks make it an enjoyable experience and to prevent any serious issues, like copyright and trademark violation, for instance.

The moderators are “not out to get you” or act like some kind of roving pack of Content Nazis trying to wipe all the builds off the sims they don’t like while getting their friends as much land as possible.

The SL9B moderators team is trying to help you be a part of the celebration and engage the visitors and participants in the spirit of the event.

Nobody’s keeping “kill scores” or notching their belts or mounting breedable animal heads up above their fireplace. What does that accomplish but cause hostility and frustration and burnt bridges and bad blood?

Plus, when it’s time for SL10B to look for sponsors, do you think that anybody who got callously manhandled and chewed up and spit out this year would come back next year wanting to sponsor sims?

No. Of course not.

So, it’s a balancing act… fair, but firm.

How can I explain this better… let’s see…

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Build Height: 150 meters (and an attempt at an explanation)

Greetings, y’all. I am the An-

Oh. Wait.

Never mind.

Last night, an announcement went out about the ceiling for the maximum height of a build being at 150 meters, and a clarification went out today that it’s measured from the ground, so total of 150 meters for the build itself.

This means that if a moderator stands on the top of your build and they’re over 171 meters, you’ll need to adjust the build at your earliest convenience.

Yes, this should have been in the build policies from the get-go. we apologize for the confusion and the inconvenience that this may cause, but there is a reason for it.

(You’re probably sick of hearing “There was such short notice…” and “We didn’t have enough lead time to take care of…” by now, but it’s meant as a reason for some things getting squeezed out of the plans, and not meant as an excuse. Once again, our apologies if that’s sounding like a broken record… or scratched CD… or corrupted MP3 file at this point.)

And now, some of the thought process:

First off, it’s meant to make sure that visitors can experience the birthday celebration from the ground level as they walk around the ground. Sure, there will be some walking up and down a few builds here and there, but keeping it as level as possible means making it accessible to as many as possible.

Also, it’s meant to prevent teleporter-and-skybox issues that would make it hard to moderate and audit the builds to prevent any issues with copyright and trademark issues. The sim coordinators, who did an amazing job on getting things laid out on such short notice, are a part of this effort, too, and keeping it as easy for them and the moderators as possible means a lot.

But there was also the intent on avoiding massive builds that cause other builds to have disrupted sight-lines, or texture loads on their viewers which could disrupt their experience and presentation. We’re trying to make this a celebration where every exhibit gets equal footing and a fair chance at sharing their spirit.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and the initial lack of clarity on this point, and we will strive to be more clear about the building guidelines as well as the thought process behind them in future events.

On top of that, we’d appreciate any assistance in making those guidelines clearer for all to work together in a fair and equal environment… opportunities for joining the team for reviewing issues from this year and planning solutions and new challenges for next year will come up when the event is over and everybody’s had a chance to catch their breath.

-ls/cm (R. Crap Mariner, Troll)

PS: For the record, I had to adjust my own exhibitor build due to various policy issues. I eliminated non-phantom megaprims from the base, reduced llSay() to llWhisper() so as not to annoy neighbors with chat from the notecard givers, restricted sound to parcel for the steam-emitters, reduced standardized sculpties as much as possible, etc. So, I know full well the grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr factor, then rolled up my sleeves, and got it fixed in a way that made the build even better.

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