How to have fun removing your build on Thursday…

So, when Thursday rolls around, most of you are going to teleport to your SL9B parcel, pick up your build item but item, and then teleport out.

That’s very thoughtful of you, but there’s another way to do it…

1) Pick up your entire build
2) Take a Copy of it for safekeeping
3) Raise it 100 meters off the ground
4) Delink all the prims
5) Set the prims to physical
6) Set the prims to temporary
7) Let go!

That’s right. It’s raining prims. Hallelujah.

Here’s an old video of my Podcaster build from SL5B:

I imagine the people on the ground, standing there, with a “YIPE!” sign in one hand and a dinky Wiley Coyote umbrella in the other.

Now, please, don’t pull this stunt until Thursday, okay? There’s still people wandering the sims in this glorious less-laggy environment, snapping photos and gathering up all the gifties and such you’ve generously offered.

But when it’s Thursday, oh man… fire up Fraps and LET ER RIP!

(And then post the videos to YouTube for all to enjoy.)

R. Crap Mariner
SL9B Exhibitor Assistant and Staff Troll



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6 responses to “How to have fun removing your build on Thursday…

  1. LMAO! This is going to be a great way for a last hoorah!
    I will fraps this for sure 🙂
    Such a fun idea.
    Oh I would recommend set phantom before physical just encase 😉

    Ps Thanks for the build compliment you gave me on the magical meeroo cave. Happy dances around you…

  2. I thought we had a 150 meter build height ??

  3. Wow, that’s creepy laugh you got there. But nice clip.

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