It’s Almost All Over

The week is almost done. The last parties at the stages are winding down, but it’s not quite over yet. The sims are open until 11.59pm June 27 slt, so if you haven’t seen the exhibits, do it now.

What happens after that? Builders, you have one day, the 28th, to remove your builds or anything that you want removed. On the 29th the sims are being taken off line, so anything you have on the sims will at best end up in your lost and found or at worst be lost forever. Yes we know 1 day isn’t a lot of time, however we have no say in the matter – thats just the way it is.

Also yuo may notice at the top of the page we have a link to a feedback form. We want to know what you thought. If we did good let us know. If we did bad, please let us know (nicely). If you think something could have been done better we’d like to hear. And if you have any suggestions for next year then we definitely want to know. We won’t be able to respond to comments made on the form, but rest assured they will be read and considered when we start on SL10B.

A big thank you to all the volunteers who worked so hard to put this together, to all the exhibitors who made their wonderful displays – without you we’d have 20 empty sims, to all the performers and DJs who partied with us 24/7 and especially a big thank you to everyone who came to visit and hang out with us – without you there would be no party!



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3 responses to “It’s Almost All Over

  1. Speaking as a visitor (and not as an exhibitor), I thought the event was outstanding and so enjoyable to visit. There was so much, I never got around to seeing it all – or even a fraction of it! Well done to all those involved in the planning and to the exhibitors themselves.

  2. I found it much better than I’d expected “going in.”

    I also feel this is / was the best I have ever seen in SL for finding new communities. The non-commercial nature meant the builds were from groups looking for people, news groups that discuss SL/VRs, and expression builds about ‘why I care for SL’. That combo made this magical.

    Some smaller version of this should be permanent. A place where people can go to find out about what exists in SL – in terms of people and communities. We all know SL search fails at this. Its too spammed by merchants, shops hiding as events, and club contest board announcements.

    SL9B made it so easy to just walk past a place and say to oneself “hey, check out those freaks – they’re like me in a way, I should go join them.”

    First time I’ve been to an event in SL that made me feel that way.

    At a minimum, keep this blog up, with links to everyone who put up a build at SL9B, so we can use this as a way to find out about the ones we couldn’t get to in time during the week.

  3. Erin Aerallo

    The word awesome is overused and undervalued these days but I found the celebrations truely awe inspiring. I spent hours wandering around and loved every minute of it. Took millions of pics to remember it by. The exhibits were magnificent and encouraged me to continue my efforts to learn to be a creator and try to contribute in my own way to this wonderful virtual world.The lack of commercialism a major plus. I would like to thank everyone from the organisers and big sponsors down to the individual creators, artists, entertainers and everyone who contributed in any way to making this a hugely enjoyable occasion

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