The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Six

Such strange days and nights pass here. When I first came to Shin-Dig I could not credit the bizarre tales I had heard from those who came before me, but now… now they all make so much sense.

The latest strange incident came while I was examining a group of fallen columns a little way in from the entrance to the complex. I wanted to get far away from the strange  wreckage and the place of yesterday’s vision, and this seemed like a potentially fruitful area of study. The carvings here tell of a mighty huntress, wreathed in flames and full of wisdom. I was just coming to the end of a tale in which she appeared ready to vanquish a beast called “The Laag” when out of nowhere, I was hailed by a voice! I had thought myself alone out here, but there before me were two travellers – a lady sitting astride a camel and a man riding… well, I’m not quite sure what he was riding, to be honest. It seemed like some kind of horse, clad entirely in black armour. What was even stranger, the lady was a friend from home! We spoke for a brief while, discussing the dig and what I had found here, and then on they rode. I watched them go, marvelling at the oddness of their appearance here and as they approached the Temple of the Great Physician I saw another figure raise an arm to greet them. A terrible figure, clad all in black and bearing a scythe that he waved above his head. I was overcome, and slid into the welcome embrace of nothingness. I do not know how long I was unconscious, but when I awoke the sun was low and all signs of their passing had gone. I was back by the pillars I had been examining and beneath my head lay another curious object…



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