The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Five

My dreams were strange last night. I blame the fumes from that mysterious wreckage.

I can see it now, beyond the scaffolding left by a previous expedition. Not archaeologists, this group – more like dinosaur hunters if the subject of their interest is anything to go by. Of course, they had entirely the wrong subject: the beast is far too shallowly covered to be any older than the ruins themselves and they only date back a few thousand years at best. The creature does hold some interest, though, for it is no small specimen.

As I examined it, I found myself seeing something out of the corner of my eye. Something that became apparently more solid as time passed, until it was fully-realised before me. An oasis. But here? It could only have been a mirage, but so much more real than I have ever seen before. As I looked upon this curious vision, my throat became suddenly dry and I was seized by an inhuman thirst – I had to have water at once! The desert around me had become a blur, and all I could see were the cool, wonderful water and luscious palm trees. I clambered my way over the rocks and the giant skeleton without so much as a thought, and staggered towards my object. I was almost there when I fell, my foot caught on something. Looking up from the sand, the vision had gone – and with it my thirst. Everything was as it had been this morning, with one exception: the strange item that tripped me. It now resides safely in my camp, and I cannot help but wonder what might have befallen me had it not interposed itself in such a timely manner…


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