Let them know how much you liked their build!

Howdy, folks.

Once the torrent of last-minute requests for parcel name, description, landing point, and music stream changes finally let up, I made it my goal to wander through every exhibit at SL9B to see what y’all are sharing about yourselves and your communities with everyone out there.

And when people ask me for the SLURL or landmark of my own build, I’ve refused to give it out, saying “Go explore them all, and you’ll eventually come across mine.”

In my travels, I’ve been tossing a lot of my snapshots up to the SL9B Flickr Group, but there’s plenty more Second Life groups you can add your Flickr shots to. (Even an Official Second Life one the Lab uses for gathering snapshots of the day and other marketing material… read their terms first, okay?)

You can also post your travels to your mySL social feed, Google Plus, Facebook… whatever social network you’re a part of that you use to connect with your SL friends when the lag takes its toll.

But most importantly, when you come across a build that drops your jaw and leaves you speechless, let that exhibitor know how much you liked their build and appreciated their freebie gifts.

For instance, I came across this cave on Neun just now:

Magical Meeroo Cave at SL9B

I right-clicked the cave, brought up the profile of the builder, and messaged them about how much I enjoyed the build.

Been doing that all this past week, and I think those exhibitors appreciated someone taking the time to let ’em know it’s appreciated.

Because this past week, yeah, I’ve appreciated it when folks have been posting in the group chats “Well done, guys!” and “This is great!” and WOW! (I assume that last one is not a suggestion for people to log off and go to World Of Warcraft, right?)

Now, I know that there’s been a few bumps in the road to SL9B, and the way hasn’t been perfect for everyone, so in the next few days, we’ll be posting a way to let us know what we did right, what could have been done better, what ideas you have for future events, and if you’d like to toss your hat in the ring for helping get things running even better next year.

Stay tuned, but until then… keep exploring and enjoying the wonder and magic that happens when we come together to share our passions with each other!

Happy birthday, Second Life!

R. Crap Mariner
SL9B Exhibitor Assistant and Troll



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9 responses to “Let them know how much you liked their build!

  1. Miralee Munro

    Yes, Crap, it was wonderful to get some feedback. This was our first foray into SL birthday land, and I have to say that you and everyone else associated with it have been nothing but kind, helpful and ever so friendly and informative.

    Perfect Paradise Community will be back next for sure.

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. isfullofcrap

    @Miralee – That was your first? Wow… well, you sure stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park! Here’s hoping more folks let you know that they enjoyed it… and when you go wandering around the exhibits, please take a moment to let them know, too.

    This wasn’t just put together by the team Doc, KT, Saffia, Honour, and everyone else scrambled… this was put together by EVERYONE, so let em know you appreciate them taking the time to share with everyone.


  3. zin22

    Yeah, got a message from you saying you liked my build, thank you so much. I enjoyed building it too!!

    Can I come back for the 10th? 😉

  4. isfullofcrap

    @zin22 – Only if you pay it forward and let some others know how much you like their builds too!

    Okay, okay… just kidding. Next year, with more sponsors and space available, it’ll be US begging for even more builds.


  5. zin22

    Joking of course, but I have, I had too, some exhibits are just awesome.

  6. Reblogged this on DJ Splash Kidd's Blog and commented:
    Lots for me to see this weekend I can see at SL9B when I can squeeze in the moments! Good to know that most of the builds will be up for another week after the music events are over at SL9B! Thanks for sharing this is on my list of builds to visit!

  7. Mistletoe

    Reblogged this on Mistletoe Ethaniel's Blog and commented:
    I agree, this is a wonderful thing to do, especially as time is running short to enjoy them all.

  8. zin22

    My favourites. Here goes:

    KT – Awesome and inspirational 😉

    Serafin Galli – Probably my favourite hangout of the whole SL9B expo!

    Noke Yutza (Future Communites) – Style, pure style!

    Tah Crazyboi – Loved the little park area!

    and lastly…

    Loz Hyde – The genius of Escher, recreated by, well, genius 🙂

    Have to say, all in all, the best show I have been to.

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