The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Four

Today has been…. remarkable. And long.

I was awoken in the early hours of the morning by the most terrible thunder. As I opened my eyes to see what was happening, a bright streak crossed the heavens and came to earth with a huge crashing sound that left my ears ringing for some time. I rose immediately, of course, and went to investigate.

What I found was so hot as to be glowing a dull red colour, and I could barely approach with twenty feet without discomfort. As I tried to look upon it from other angles, I made another new discovery – two statues had appeared by the temple which was to be the focus of my day’s work! Perfectly coloured and without signs of age, these giant tigers sat to either side of the strange altar in the temple area. Most perplexing!

I took to my day’s labours with renewed enthusiasm. The temple seems to have been a gathering-place, judging by the state of the floor, and such carvings as I found referred to a “Great Physician” – perhaps there were healing rituals here? The altar was strange, too: shades of the strange design I found under the Great Pyramid yesterday. Combined with the unnatural lights that play about the area and the constant gaze from the newly-arrived tigers, the effect was most unnerving. I dread to imagine what strange bacchanales took place here…

Although the Temple took much of my day, it did allow time for the strange device which fell from the sky to cool so I could approach and examine it more closely. A curious thing, this: clearly some kind of machine, and I am inclined to think of it as part of an aeroplane, despite no sign of propellors anywhere about the wreckage and a design the likes of which I have not seen before. Perhaps this lack of apparent propulsion is why it crashed, although I have no explanation for the terrific heat it gave off upon landing here, nor for the foul-smelling gas that leaks from it at intervals. Sadly, aeronautics is a science of which I know nothing, so I must take what notes I can and hope that they make sense to others when I return home. At least my search of the wreckage yielded a little evidence that I can take back with me along with my photographs…



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