The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Three

A less restful night, caused in part by the strange glow that emanates from the base of Great Pyramid. While the Lesser Pyramid seems entirely mundane despite its resistance to all attempts at gaining access (including my own), this latest uncovering seems to have revealed new details at the base of its larger (and I suspect younger) sibling. Large entrances can be seen around the base, one to each side, and indeed there is an odd glow that changes colour as I watch it – a most eerie and disconcerting thing that I have not seen before.


Gaining access first from the north, I came up into a great chamber with many carvings. Deciphering these was a challenge, thanks to the somewhat unusual dialect used here, but the panels seem to tell of a great queen, Kah-Te the ever-moving, and of the various mighty labours she undertook. It would seem, in fact, that it was she who built the magnificent city whose remains surround me now. This is a wonderful discovery – and sure to cause quite the stir when I return home! But this was not my only find, oh no: another relic was here as well, hidden among the decorations within the chamber. This one needed a little gentle help from my trusty crowbar, but the hiding place yielded and the bounty is now safely back at my camp.


The lower passages, though, caused me somewhat more confusion. Or rather, a strange device hidden therein did so. The floor is of a strange material, though, and the glow that can be seen from without is also present within. Yet there, in the middle of these mysterious corridors, was a device the like of which I have never seen. I have taken notes, and hopefully Doctor Smith will be able to suggest some meaning to what I found when I return to London.



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3 responses to “The Egyptian Hunt – Clue Three

  1. Marriellaanna Resident

    Great fun! Thanks to whoever organised it!

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