The Egyptian Hunt – Clue One

Here begins the hunt centred around the Egyptian Stage. There will be seven gifts to find, one per day. Good luck!

ADDENDUM: I’ve been asked to make it clearer that the hunt itself runs over both sims of the Egyptian Stage: Shindig and KittyCatS SL9B Party Time, and I’ve added and extra directional hint and a photo of the object in situ. My apologies if any confusion was caused – I did have a hunter check the clue for me, but if you’re going to throw rocks at anyone (please use small ones, and don’t throw too hard!), throw them at me. Mea Culpa.



Five weeks.

A mere five weeks since the telegram arrived and I found myself on the way to Shin-Dig, just when it seemed that no expedition would go at all this year. But now here I am, sitting on high with the lost city laid out before me. A city filled with mysteries that I plan to uncover, before I am forced to return to Alexandria ahead of the sandstorms which will cover this place for another year at least. The guides say I have a week, so there’s no time to slack!

But it is difficult not to stop and admire this magnificent site. From here I can see the Great Pyramid to the east, and to the north are the pillars with their mysterious crowns of light and even a few signs of those who have come before me, preserved much as the city itself has been. So many questions here, but how many answers will I find? I wish Carruthers were here, in a way. He was always a better scholar than I, although that unfortunate incident up the Limpopo means he’ll probably never leave Hastings again. A good man, even if you could hear his snoring from across the camp.

Speaking of which, I should stop writing, clamber my way back down and find somewhere to lay my bedroll for the night – I can see my shadow climbing higher and higher up the Great Pyramid to my right, making my own small temporary imprint on this ancient place. Yet although my time will be all-too short, I have a good feeling about this dig: I made my first discovery as I climbed to the very place where I am writing this! A small treasure, perhaps, but a treasure nonetheless and I have decided to take it as an omen. Who knows what tomorrow might bring?



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9 responses to “The Egyptian Hunt – Clue One

  1. This was such a pretty build. 😀

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  5. Think the camel is bought at my egypth store have a look they are nice and very cheap

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