SL9B Community Celebration – Pictures of the Day: Nearly there!

SL9B opens tomorrow!

The builds are mostly completed, and there are some amazing photos on the Flickr group – here is a small selection of today’s.

First, the welcome area – and the Lotus stage beyond by Zuzu Ritt – and Zuzu has a great collection of pics on Flickr showing the evolution of the Lotus stage!

Welcome Area (and Lotus stage behind - photograph by Zuzu Ritt

Welcome Area (and Lotus stage behind) – photograph by Zuzu Ritt

Next – Raglanshire produces something fun!

Finished Shroom by Chaffro

Finished Shroom by Chaffro

Crap Mariner’s literary build – this one comes with an awesome number of links to literary events around the grid!

Crap Mariner's Book Build

Crap Mariner’s Book Build

Finally, a lovely underwater build, showing off the Sl9B’s water sims.

Mer Garden at SL9B, photograph by Shiran Sabra
Mer Garden at SL9B, photograph by Shiran Sabra

To submit your picture as a possible picture of the day, join the Flickr group SL9B Community Celebration and send your picture in!


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