What is Happening before We Open?

Builders – you have 2 days. Are you ready? Are you finished? Are all your prims wrapped up tight next to their 256 brother and sisters? Those of you that do maths will look at the date I posted this and work out that it’s more than 2 days till the opening. So why do you only have two? Here’s what is happening:

The sims will close at 11.59pm on June 16 SLT. At that point everyone will be asked to leave. Put down your hammers, your time is up. On the 17th of June (SLT) our staff walk the sims, giving them one final check to see that all builds are in order and that all lost prims are found. We then do a sim technical rehearsal to ready the sims for the grand opening at 11am June 18 SLT.

This year, we also have our press preview day on the 17th. Now, we do realise this is not 100% convenient for all builders, however due to the time constraints this years birthday was under, and the need to give builders as much time to build as possible, this is how it has turned out. We apologise to those builders who would have liked to have been present for the press preview, but remember many will still be floating around once the event is open.

Oh and yes, once the doors open again, builders will still retain their build rights. But remember, after June 18, everyone will see you building, and the sims will have a slight increase in lag, so I recommend you get finished by 11.59pm June 16 SLT!




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3 responses to “What is Happening before We Open?

  1. Zinia Quan

    I’m done………………..I think 🙂

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  3. isfullofcrap



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