SL9B: Telling People About Your Exhibit

So you have a really cool exhibit at SL9B that you’d really like people to know all about.  How do you tell the widest number of people?

As well as making sure that you’re sharing details on your blog, on Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, Google+. Flickr – and any other networks you have, there are two other things to promote your build.

Make sure you're listed on the pod tours!

Make sure you’re listed on the pod tours!

Firstly, make sure you are on the Pod Tour

The popular pod cars will be travelling all around the SL9B grid, and you can make sure that as they pass your parcel, they say something about this!

This is what you need to do:
Please provide the following information on a notecard to Yavanna Llanfair:

Your name:
SL9B Sim name:
X,Y position on the tour (not of your parcel – see below):
Text (up to 250 characters):

Put this in a notecard, call the notecard something sensible, with SL9B in its name, and send to Yavanna Llanfair.

Why does Yavanna need this information?
* She needs your name because she needs to know who to contact in case of a problem.
* She needs the sim (region) name  – e.g. Fruitislands SL9B Fun (just Fun will do – but FruitIslands won’t, because there is more than one of them). NOT YOUR HOME SIM! – but the SL9B sim your exhibit is in.
*She needs the X,Y position (approximately) of the point on the tour where it is to be said. Please note where the pod passes your exhibit (look out for it on the roads – it doesn’t go on all roads but it will come close to your exhibit), and think about the best position  for the text to be said. This will probably be 10 metres or so before it gets to the main entrance to an exhibit, giving riders time to decide to jump off if your text interests them enough, before they’ve passed.
– Walk to that position you want it said, then note the coordinates in the top bar of your client (e.g. 164,103) – she doesn’t need the 21 at the end 🙂
– Simply the location of your parcel will not do -she doesn’t have time to run around 300+ exhibits to check where the nearest pod passes, sorry.
– Alternatively, just give the SLURL, which will have the sim name in it as well.
If the location you send is not on a pod route, or Yavaana can’t tell from the information you give where it should go, your notecard will go into her “bad” folder, to be dealt with when she gets time.
* The text is limited to 250 characters, but the shorter you make it, the more likely people are to read it.  Text longer than 250 characters will be cut short – this is a limit imposed by the script. Yavanna reserves the right to edit text that is too long, or might breach decency, commercial advertising or other guidelines. Your text does not have to be in English – if your exhibit is aimed at (for example) German speakers, send her text in German.

Name: Yavanna Llanfair
Sim: Celebrate
X,Y position: 212,47
Text: The exhibit we are now passing on the right is something really interesting – you might want to stop off here and look.

Pod Tours will be running all over the Birthday sims!

Pod Tours will be running all over the Birthday sims!

Next, make sure you’re in the Second Life Destination Guide

Here’s how to promote your SL9B parcel to visitors through the Second Life Destination Guide!

If you are on SL9B property, it will help if you  have a landing spot set and a parcel name (an EA has to do that for you so just ask).

This webpage is the SL Destination guide FAQ page – it will help you to send the right information! Read it to make sure you have all the information you need to supply, then go to this page to submit your build. Note – if you are not logged in it will ask you to do so.

Choose YOUR exhibit in Location. Chose SL9B as a Category.

What? Not listed in Location? Could be they haven’t updated since you set your landiing point. Drop an email to with ALL the particulars from the application INCLUDING the texture.

Send the form – that’s all! If you have questions regarding the destination guide, or the form doesn’t work for you (it happens!) you can send an email to them at

Celebrating off-site? Please have all your information set AND permission from the land owner.


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