Builders – The Last minute is NOW!

There are hundreds of amazing builds sitting here on our sims and hundreds of little green dots all over the map as builders rush to complete their builds. But we’ve also noticed a number of people who have claimed their plot but not started building yet. If you’re waiting for the last-minute to start, well, that last-minute is here! SL9B opens on the 18th of June but you only have until 11.59pm on June 16 SLT to complete your build. At that time the sims will close and everyone will be asked to leave. This is so we can conduct a full technical rehearsal and a  final check and clean up of all the sims. June 17th is our press day where bloggers, journalists (SL and RL) and photographers come to see your amazing builds before we open to the public at 11am SLT.

This means you now have less than 4 days to complete your builds. Or even, start your builds. Don’t leave it till the even more last-minute than last-minute!


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One response to “Builders – The Last minute is NOW!

  1. Zinia Quan

    If you have unused plots you need to fill, I could certainly help

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