SL9B Press Day – Calling all Bloggers and Second Life Media Outlets!

If you would like to have a early sneak preview of the SL9B sims, then join us for SL9B Community Event Press Day on Sunday 17th June 2012 starting at 10am SLT until 8pm SLT.
This year there will be press tours at
* 10am SLT
* 2pm SLT
* 6pm SLT
Tours will include visiting some of the attractions of SL9B including stages, the welcome area and amazing builds.

You can, of course, also explore the twenty sims on your own throughout the day, either on foot or by pod!

If you are interested, then please register your interest on the Press Day for SL9B Community Event Application Form by midnight on Friday 15th June to receive a Press Pass and access to the sims.
You are welcome to tour all the SL9B sims and take snapshots, machinima and blog about this wonderful SL9B event.
Please send a copy of your SL9B snapshots to
Read more about the event on the SL9B Community Event Blog

SL9B Press Day contacts:
Daniel Voyager –
Ginette Pinazzo –
Saffia Widdershins –
Contact us either inworld or via email.



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