Music Streams, Parcel Names

Greetings, everyone!

Now that the first wave of parcel claims has washed over the shores of the SL9B sims and the Exhibitor Assistants have collapsed from exhaustion getting y’all settled in, it’s time to kick them in the ribs and get them back to work!

If you need to have your parcel name, parcel description, snapshot, sound stream, or media stream set, or a landradio/videoscreen deeded to the lad to let you set the streams, please ask for an EA in the Exhibitor channel.

Once they IM you to confirm they’re available, offer them a TP to quickly get them to your location, and they can set those up for you. (Please do not offer an unsolicited TP to an EA. They may be busy helping someone else, or may end up merging with a fly and vomiting acid-puke all over the place. HELP ME! HELP ME!)

If you’re at a loss for which music stream to use, there are lists available on The Second Life Wiki and Squidoo.

One of my favorites is IndieSpectrum Radio, which plays tunes from a large number of Second Life musical performers.

Which is your favorite stream? Put it in the comments for all to see and hear.

R. Crap Mariner



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3 responses to “Music Streams, Parcel Names

  1. isfullofcrap

    (If you want to keep the Wavy Gravy references going, there’s a Grateful Dead server at


  2. Galeon Tyran

    Hey, if theres anyone who know where I can found new tango music stream, like Gotan Project or Bajofondo…just say hi…(thx in advance!)

  3. aww, set media in seconds, thanks to the staff. cheers.

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