Build Height: 150 meters (and an attempt at an explanation)

Greetings, y’all. I am the An-

Oh. Wait.

Never mind.

Last night, an announcement went out about the ceiling for the maximum height of a build being at 150 meters, and a clarification went out today that it’s measured from the ground, so total of 150 meters for the build itself.

This means that if a moderator stands on the top of your build and they’re over 171 meters, you’ll need to adjust the build at your earliest convenience.

Yes, this should have been in the build policies from the get-go. we apologize for the confusion and the inconvenience that this may cause, but there is a reason for it.

(You’re probably sick of hearing “There was such short notice…” and “We didn’t have enough lead time to take care of…” by now, but it’s meant as a reason for some things getting squeezed out of the plans, and not meant as an excuse. Once again, our apologies if that’s sounding like a broken record… or scratched CD… or corrupted MP3 file at this point.)

And now, some of the thought process:

First off, it’s meant to make sure that visitors can experience the birthday celebration from the ground level as they walk around the ground. Sure, there will be some walking up and down a few builds here and there, but keeping it as level as possible means making it accessible to as many as possible.

Also, it’s meant to prevent teleporter-and-skybox issues that would make it hard to moderate and audit the builds to prevent any issues with copyright and trademark issues. The sim coordinators, who did an amazing job on getting things laid out on such short notice, are a part of this effort, too, and keeping it as easy for them and the moderators as possible means a lot.

But there was also the intent on avoiding massive builds that cause other builds to have disrupted sight-lines, or texture loads on their viewers which could disrupt their experience and presentation. We’re trying to make this a celebration where every exhibit gets equal footing and a fair chance at sharing their spirit.

Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience and the initial lack of clarity on this point, and we will strive to be more clear about the building guidelines as well as the thought process behind them in future events.

On top of that, we’d appreciate any assistance in making those guidelines clearer for all to work together in a fair and equal environment… opportunities for joining the team for reviewing issues from this year and planning solutions and new challenges for next year will come up when the event is over and everybody’s had a chance to catch their breath.

-ls/cm (R. Crap Mariner, Troll)

PS: For the record, I had to adjust my own exhibitor build due to various policy issues. I eliminated non-phantom megaprims from the base, reduced llSay() to llWhisper() so as not to annoy neighbors with chat from the notecard givers, restricted sound to parcel for the steam-emitters, reduced standardized sculpties as much as possible, etc. So, I know full well the grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr factor, then rolled up my sleeves, and got it fixed in a way that made the build even better.


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