Applications are now closed…

Applications are now closed for everything except auditorium booking.  And let me just say, WOW! We received far more than we could ever hope. We’re currently working our way through them and have sent out to date approximately half of the acceptances. If you haven’t heard yet please be patient! The downside to receiving so many applications is that we won’t be able to send out all the acceptances before the sims open at 10am June 4 SLT, and for that we apologise but again – be patient – we will have them all done in the next few days. We’ll also post here when we’ve finished so that you’ll know if you got in or not. So, um…be patient, we’re working on them right now!


PS – if you don’t get in as an exhibitor, another way to participate is to give a talk at our auditorium. Spots are still open and talks can be voice or text or both. See our auditorium booking page to fill out an application – spots are still open.


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9 responses to “Applications are now closed…

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  2. I’ve gotten 2 IMs from folks who missed the deadline wanting to submit.

    I’ve told them “You can still participate by building a build on your own land and sending in information for the Celebration HUB, submit the info to the Lindens for their Destination Guide entries, and then plan now for SL10B. And you can always attend and be a part of this one… there will be lots to do, see, and hear.”

    (It’s amazing what “Buy a freaking calendar” changes to with AutoCorrect.)


  3. Zinia Quan

    Oh well, looks like I have not got one, so disappointed 😦

    • @Zinia – Please read that post again. They’re still going through the applications. Your patience is appreciated.

      Thank you,

    • As it says in the post, Zinia, there have been a huge number of applications, and they are still being processed. About two thirds of the responses have now gone out – which means you could still be in the final third.

  4. Zinia Quan

    Have red, just feeling a little un-hopeful.

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