A Bit of an Oopsie…

Well this is embarrassing……

So I sat down last night to watch a bit of TV (I know, I know, who said I could take time off?) and what did i find down the back of the sofa cushions but a whole bunch of unused prims! How they got there I have no idea (although I suspect the Angel of Death might have had something to do with it – remind me to check his plot VERY carefully…). Anyway with all these extra prims, we’ve decided to share them out to everyone. Your plots will still be 32m x 32m, 1024m2 but now they will have 257 prims not 234!  Thats an extra 23 prim cubes for everyone.  There’s probably a whole heap of people who have already designed their displays to 234 prims going ARGGGH!!! about now, but now’s the chance to add back in those few little things you couldn’t do due to lack of prims.

So that’s now 257 prims per plot. Enjoy!


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8 responses to “A Bit of an Oopsie…

  1. Miralee Munro

    Hello Ktsy,

    Several days ago, I applied for room to have a display for the Perfect Paradise Community, but I have not heard back whether we have been allocated a place or not.

    Could you please let me know if there is a space for us?

    Many thanks,

    Miralee Munro
    Perfect Paradise Community

  2. Zinia Quan

    So excited, this would be my first exhibition.

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  4. awesome! i can hardly wait til you change the vacuum cleaner bag 🙂

  5. Oh boy, oh BOY! more prims to play with! YAY! Now I can put out more freebies for you-bies … Happy Dance!

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  7. Zinia Quan

    I’m IN, I’m in, I’m in……………………………………….YAY!!!

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