Exhibitor Applications are Closing

This is your final chance to apply for a spot as an exhibitor for this SL9B event. We are closing applications at midnight June 3, SLT!  This guy has some more to say on the matter:


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13 responses to “Exhibitor Applications are Closing

  1. I did two takes of the vid before realizing “I should stick a few in the trash can just to get people all neurotic about whether their application got lost or junked.”

    And that’s when the angel on my shoulder said “Diana’s going to kill you for that.”


  2. Yeah but KT laughed her arse off……

  3. Ninha Rhode

    Hehehehe… Very good.

  4. Afcoures we are neurotic about whether their application got lost or junked!

  5. Jessica Lyon

    “We don’t need anymore stooges, we had enough of those with LL…”

    I LoL’d!

  6. Harper Beresford

    Is that you, Crap? You need to get some throat surgery STAT!

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  8. Jase Byrne, 2004 here….my first time entering this. Certainly hoping I get accepted. One question..how does one find out??

  9. As I type this, it is 7:00pm on June 3 2012 and there is no application form for anyone to fill in, only Auditorium Bookings and Volunteers. I lodged an application for as an Exhibitor and have not had an acknowledgement yet, although at the time I pressed the SEND button it did say it had been sent.

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