A Quick Photo Tour…

I thought I’d surface quickly to take some photos of the sims – just to prove that things are underway and that we haven’t been just sitting around sucking our thumbs (well, most of us…). So in no particular order and without any names mentioned, I present:

Also, for all you patient people waiting your turn to build, we’ve started today  assessing your applications. Acceptances might not go out till close to the 3rd though, so keep an eye out. If we need any more information from you we will be in touch. If you haven’t applied, or know someone who hasn’t applied, there is still time – we’ll be taking applications right up to the 3rd.

Yeah, we know it’s tight too, believe me…


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5 responses to “A Quick Photo Tour…

  1. Ninha Rhode

    I’m patiently waiting. ^^

  2. (I think the Grim Reaper will be doing his own preview slideshow soon 😉


  3. sebastian.viper

    Waiting patiently too…. Well not doing such a good job. Checking Email constantly, now it can be until The 3rd. Facepalms!!!!

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