All The World Needs a Clown…

This guy has a few things to say, and a look in his eye that makes me think we should pay attention….



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10 responses to “All The World Needs a Clown…

  1. isfullofcrap

    Sure, I could help build or organize or do something constructive…

    Nah. I’m a clown. I do clowny things.


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  3. TheDove Rhode

    Wonderful..guess that covers most of it..BTW what are you smokin?
    Giggles with a wave to everyone who made this possible and BELIEVES
    Thanks you! Dreamer Dove

  4. Loved the first two videos. Had a good laugh about them. but… eh… WOW… that 3rd video was pretty “rough…”. Negative even. Oh well pressure must be getting to all the Angels 🙂

  5. Yeah that last one went wide off the mark… it was toned-down from the original blog post, but needed a bit more shaved off of it.

    Fourth one is up, but it’s a bit long in trying to demonstrate a simple concept: get your builds ready now, 234 prims, 32×32 plot, keep it clean, keep it simple.

    Today’s will go back to the simple side of things… thanking people for getting the word out (screenshots of various blogs and threads) and urging people to sign up… so that I can get back to reaping souls.


  6. Thank you to everyone who is doing this.

    It’s the community that keeps us going. Don’t let the politics or the lab get you down.

    I think I will be joining the party too. I just need to figure out to what extent that works.

    I love this crazy world.

  7. How do I need to do? I don”t know how to build anything and I am no good at telling jokes.

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