The Birthday has landed!

Well, the first birthday sims are landing now … and these are in addition to the ten sims provided by Dream Seeker Estates because we have had another six sims donated anonymously – making a total of sixteen sims!

The Birthday has landed!

The Birthday has landed!

These six sims are coming online first, and the Dream Seeker ones will be joined to them very soon.

Zeebster Colasanti, owner of Dream Seeker Estates, says:

Dream Seeker Estates is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of this year’s SL9B (Second Life 9th Birthday) and support it as a major sponsor.  This year SL9B coincides with Dream Seeker Estates’ own 5th year birthday.  Over the years, Dream Seeker Estates has enjoyed strong growth thanks in no small part to the trust and support extended to us by the Second Life community.  Combining our own milestone birthday celebration this year with the SL9B event is a perfect way for us to give back and thank the community that has supported us for so long.

Head to the sponsors page to check out our sponsors!


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